As a global logistics service provider, we work every day to expand our business overseas and
create new business models matched to customer's needs.


Nissin Corporation was founded in 1938 as a domestic in-harbor transport company in Yokohama, Japan's main gateway to the world.
It has since expanded to cater to the logistics needs of the Ports of Kobe, Osaka and Chiba.
As Japan developed into a world economic power and its transportation needs became more advanced and complex, Nissin faced the rising need to improve both its systems and facilities. In 1968 it began offering comprehensive global logistics services, an entirely new category of service, and it now operates in Japan and 23 other countries.

Our name, Nissin, is derived from the Chinese literature classic "Great Learning," combining two characters meaning 'day' and 'new' to reflect the company spirit of encouraging effort to improve daily. This spirit drives Nissin to respond to change proactively so tomorrow is always better than today as it fulfills customer needs growing increasingly global, advanced and complex.

To show its high environmental awareness Nissin has been working to obtain green business certificates from the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation for its operations and offices as it promotes groupwide effort to build a new business model that capitalizes on its strengths, specifically overseas networks and international logistics.
Through these efforts the company is building its reputation among customers as the true global logistics.


Dec. 1938 Established as Nissin Transport Co., Ltd.
Mar. 1946 Changed company name to Nissin Trading Co., Ltd.
Nov. 1948 Established Kobe Branch Office
Jan. 1950 Changed company name to Nissin Transportation & Warehousing Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1950 Listed on First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Apr. 1950 Harbor transportation began in port of Yokohama.
Nov. 1954 Established Tokyo Branch Office
May. 1958 Established Osaka Branch Office
Aug. 1961 Completed Kanagawa Pier and started operations as Nissin Pier
Apr. 1969 Established Chiba Branch Office
May. 1973 Listed on First Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange
Dec. 1973 Established Nissin International Transport U.S.A. as local subsidiary in Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Jan. 1974 Established Nissin Transportation & Warehousing (H.K.) Ltd. as local subsidiary in Hong Kong
Jul. 1975 Established London Branch Office
Apr. 1978 Air travel section was spun off to Nissin Travel Services Co., Ltd. in Tokyo
Apr. 1981 Sapporo Branch Office was spun off to Hokkaido Nissin Transportation & Warehousing Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1981 New Consolidated Tokyo Office established
Mar. 1983 Started consolidated air cargo transport service
Oct. 1983 Established Nissin Transport (S) Pte., Ltd. as local subsidiary in Singapore
Feb. 1984 London branch office became a subsidiary as Nissin U.K.
Oct. 1984 Established Nissin Transport (Canada) Inc. as local subsidiary in Canada
Jan. 1985 Established Nissin Transport G.m.b.H. as local subsidiary in West Germany
Oct. 1985 Changed company name to Nissin Corporation (current name)
Oct. 1987 Established Siam Nistrans Co., Ltd. as local subsidiary in Thailand
Dec. 1987 Established Nissin Transport Ges. M.B.H. as local subsidiary in Austria
Oct. 1988 Established Nissin Transportes Espana S.A. as local subsidiary in Spain
Apr. 1992 Established Nissin France S.A. as local subsidiary in France
Aug. 1992 Established Shanghai Gaosin Trade & Warehousing Industrial Co., Ltd. as local subsidiary in China
Jun. 1994 Established Nistarns (M) Sdn. Bhd. as local subsidiary in Malaysia
Feb. 1995 Established Changshu Nissin-Sinotrans Transportation Co., Ltd. as local subsidiary in China
Mar. 1995 Established Nissin Airport Service Co., Ltd.
Mar. 1997 Established Jiangsu Nissin-Sinotrans International Transportation Co., Ltd. as local subsidiary in China
Apr. 1997 Established Nissin Belgium N.V. as local subsidiary in Belgium
Dec. 1997 Established Nissin joint venture Transport Philippines Corporation in Philippines
Mar. 1998 Established Nissin Middle East FZE as local subsidiary in United Arab Emirates
Mar. 1999 Established Tianjin Nissin International Transport Co., Ltd. as local subsidiary in China
May. 1999 Established joint venture Nissin ABC Logistics Private Ltd. in India
Jul. 2000 Established NS Trans International de Mexico. as local subsidiary in Mexico
Nov. 2000 Established joint venture Beijing Sanxi Refrigeration Logistics Co., Ltd. in China
Jan. 2003 Established Guangzhou Nissin International Logistics, Ltd. as local subsidiary in China
Aug. 2004 Established PT. Nissin Transport Indonesia as local subsidiary in Indonesia
Mar. 2005 Established LLC Nissin Russ as local subsidiary in Russia
Nov. 2005 Established joint venture Nissin-Sinotrans International Logistics Co., Ltd. in China
Dec. 2005 Established Nissin (Shanghai) Logistics Co., Ltd. as local subsidiary in China
Mar. 2006 Established Nissin Logistics(VN) Co., Ltd. as local subsidiary in Vietnam
Jun. 2007 Established a local subsidiary in Poland
Nov. 2009 Acquired Tsurumi Warehouse Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary
Feb. 2012 Established joint venture Lao Nissin SMT Co., Ltd. in Laos


Nissin Corporation and its subsidiaries shall perform its free and fair business activities globally while recognizing its responsibility to contribute to the societies as a good corporate citizen by maintaining high ethical standards. For that purpose the following principles are declared as the charter of corporate behavior to guide its business activities.

1. We aim to be the company that provides trusted and satisfied services.

  • Provide high-quality logistics services while always thinking creatively.
  • Provide logistics services with the security, protecting individual's and customer's information.

2. We conduct fair and transparent business activities.

  • Comply with all laws and regulations and conduct fair business activities.
  • Maintain healthy and normal relationships with politics and governmental authorities.
  • Dissociate from entities that are threat to our society.

3. We communicate openly with society and actively disclose company information.

  • Actively and fairly disclose company information to stakeholders such as customers,vendors, shareholders, and employees.
  • Contribute to regional and social activities as a good corporate citizen.

4. We aim to be a free and active company that respects uniqueness.

  • Aim to be a free and active company that respects diversity, personality, and uniqueness.
  • Materialize affluence by securing the safe and comfortable working environment.

5. We commit to create a healthy environment.

  • Promote environment-friendly logistics services while balancing with natural environment.

6. We commit to carryout our responsibilities as a global network entity.

  • Conduct our business according to international rules and local regulations.
  • Contribute to local improvements and prosperity respecting its culture and customs.

7. We initiatively adhere to corporate ethics.

  • Recognizing it is our responsibility to make the spirit of the charter a reality, enforce the strict adherence to these principles.
  • Spread the spirit of the charter to our venders and affiliates.
  • Establish effective organizational rules and procedures by constantly grasping opinions from inside as well as outside.

8. We commit to investigate the cause and implement countermeasures when there is an occurrence that is contrary to the charter.

December 16, 2002 / February 15, 2006 Amended
Nissin Corporation